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Do It Yourself SEO, Search Engine Visibility Screenshots

SEO, Search Engine Optimization made easy!  Never before has the best information been available in one complete, easy to use, and comprehensive online software package.  Search Engine Visibility, the do it yourself SEO tool, combines the best in class tools, reporting, research, and tutorials in one place.  It's all one click away.  These are the exact same techniques that the high-priced SEO companies, consultants, and webmasters use to optimize pages.  You have access to the same information at a fraction of the cost.

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Do It Yourself SEO Software
Your Search Engine Visibility dashboard is the starting place to access all the features.  We'll set you on the path to proper SEO with a video tutorial of the program.

Plus, now you can export robots.txt files, optimized site tags, and site maps -- all the things that help search engine spiders crawl, rank and evaluate your site--to your My Cheapest Domains WebSite Tonight account for automatic upload.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Define Keywords
Keywords are how your site advertises its content to search engines, allowing them to properly match your site with search terms. Use the handy Keyword Wizard on this page to generate a keyword list for each of your web site pages.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Analyze Content
Analyzing your site ensures that keywords accurately reflect your content, and vice versa. Use this page to modify your keyword list.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Optimize Tags
Search engines use specific tags to evaluate and rank sites. Optimizing your tags so they accurately reflect site content is an important SEO technique. Use this page to create populated tags for you to incorporate into your site. 
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Controlled Crawling
Spiders are automated programs that "crawl" websites and return information to search engines. Use this page to specify what you do and don't want spiders to see on your site. 
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Site map
A site map is an XML or HTML document that lists site pages in a hierarchical manner to help search engine spiders crawl. Use this page to create a site map that lists only the pages you want. 
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Search Engine Submission
Submitting your URL(s) directly to search engines ensures that their spiders crawl your site at the earliest opportunity. Use this page to submit to specific search engines and directories, check the status of existing submissions, and correct any submission issues.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
The Top 10 SEO Checklist
The Top 10 SEO Checklist puts your site through its paces to see how it performs against the ten most common search engine optimization pitfalls. Use it for a quick site health check. Search Engine Visibility will catalog every page of your site, whether you have 5 or 5000+.  Then, each pages tags are scanned for the best SEO result.

Well-constructed title tags contain the main keyword for the page, followed by a brief description of the page content.

Do It Yourself SEO Software
The Top 10 SEO Checklist
Good description tags contain information about the page's content and persuade search engine users to visit your web site. Keyword, Heading, and Page Content is scanned with suggested fixes.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
The Top 10 SEO Checklist
Each page of your site should contain links to every other page so search engine spiders can find every page. This is a critical step for the proper indexing and page rank distribution of your site. Search Engine Visibility will scan for proper a proper sitemap and controlled crawling.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
The Top 10 SEO Checklist
Because search engines treat web sites as a grouping of pages and not a single entity, each page on your site should be unique so that the tags and content differ between each page. Doing so increases the number of pages that will rank.  Pages should contain 300 to 700 words of unique and descriptive content. A page's meta tag keywords should also be those that occur most frequently on the page.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Listing Status Report
Use this report to view how many pages of your site are listed by a particular search engine.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Inbound Links Report
Use this report to track which search engines list inbound links to your site and where those links live.
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Page Rank Report
Use this report to track your site's page rank on Google and Alexa search engines on a scale of 0 (worst) to 10 (best). 
Do It Yourself SEO Software
Keyword Ranking Report
Use this report to see where your site ranks on some of the search engines for specific keyword searches. 
 Do It Yourself SEO Software
 Answers and Research
The Answer Center is never far away offering hints, tips and techniques for every step if the SEO process.  If you are having trouble with any part of the site, you are welcome to call us 24/7 365 days a year on our customer support line.
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